Business & Financial Services

for Small & Large Corporations


We provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services,  individually or on a combined basis, delivering globally consistent multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities, based on extensive industry knowledge, to all of our national and  international clients.

We respond to our clients’ complex business  challenges with a global approach to services that spans industry sectors and national  boundaries.

Internal Audits of financial statements

Whether your business is just starting out, or is operating on the international stage, AA Global Venture can deliver a robust and independent audit that delivers benefits beyond the traditional scope. We work with you to ensure you meet your statutory obligations in a non-onerous way.

Non-Audit Assurance Services

We perform independent verification of financial and non-financial data such as IT audits (under ISACA Guidelines), System audits (as per PSX and PMEX regulations), Audit of non-financial information, Management audits, Cost audits, Tax audits, Share transfer audits, Forensic audits, Special purpose audits, Regulatory audits etc. We also assist in other various special audits upon request by stakeholders or directors. In short, we cover all the possibilities.


We offer a wide range of tax services including corporate and individual tax planning and compliance, as well as global projects that involve designing and implementing tax strategies to help produce sustainable long-term tax savings.

Corporate Finance

AA Global Venture Consulting provides high-level strategic guidance to clients when the stakes – and the scrutiny – are highest. With deep industry experience and the resources of one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting networks, our professionals provide a range of litigation, investigation, restructuring, valuation, and risk advisory services.


Our Cyber Security Consulting, we offer a no-compromise solution that eliminates new hire commitments while delivering the executive-level counsel needed to succeed. Gain a level of service previously only afforded by larger enterprises. We’ll work alongside management to best align security policies and practices with business objectives to advance your operational goals.

Our Clients